In a perfect world we’d all have enough time to lay in, cook a delicious breakfast, meet our friends for lunch, loved ones for dinner, work on our fitness and still catch up with our favourite soaps whilst getting a full day of work completed. Unfortunately, it never seems that easy to squeeze everything in, which is my reason for this post. I promise to show you that there are little ways in which you can sneak an epic workout into your crazily busy schedule.

Wake Up. I’ll admit it, when my alarms goes off I still flinch and have to talk myself into getting up and into my workout gear, however, I never regret it once it’s done and feel slightly smug at the thought that I have the rest of the day to do as I please. It’s proven that those of us that wake up and get it done in the morning also eat better for the rest of the day, whereas those of us who train in the evening tend to eat according to how much they plan on doing at the gym later.. an extra biscuit or chocolate slice pre HIIT session.

Commuting. OK so you might not want to run to work if you live 2.5 hours away but there are ways to sneak in a workout on your way to work. For those of you who live close enough, try walking, running, biking or skating to work. If you live further away try commuting close but not all the way (it will probably help you with parking) and complete the rest using your body. It can even be as simple as swapping the lift for the stairs, adding some weight to your backpack to increase the intensity or perhaps by choosing to grab your coffee from a cafe a little further afield.

Lunch Life. If you sit in an office, do yourself a favour and give your legs a stretch on your lunch break. Plan a ten minute walk to a place where you can enjoy your lunch and then a ten minute walk back. If you have a little more time then how about trying a lunchtime class or creating your own workout using an app on your phone – Sworkit, RomWod, 8Fit and Lifesum are fantastic apps if you want to move your body without having to move far from your workplace.

Enjoy It. we never willingly chose to do the things we dislike and that can be a big barrier when it comes to exercise. It’s something I always ask my clients, what do you LIKE to do? Then we use the likes and create a routine that is enjoyable, after all, fitness is just about moving, you can move in anyway you like, dancing, climbing, walking, swimming…the list goes on.

Schedule. Don’t over commit! There’s nothing worse than promising yourself that you’re going to work out six times a week for an hour a day only to fail in the first week by realising you’re out of town, have a friends birthday, a late night meeting and a doctors appointment (dammit!). Before you start a new schedule actually take a look at your diary. Work out on average how often you can commit to exercising, then plan around that, it’ll leave you feeling less overwhelmed and more in control of your own schedule.

Diary. Treat your workouts like you would a date. I always plan my workouts in my diary and actually write ‘Carly at Crossfit’ to block it out. It lets my partner know when I plan on working out and stops me from avoiding it.

Efficiency. Gone are the days of having to work out for hours at a time on the treadmill. Aim to incorporate HIIT or circuit based sessions into your day to maximise effort and decrease time out of your day.

Home. You don’t need to leave your house to workout, you just need the time. I regularly ask my clients to see how many reps of an exercise or routine they can complete during the adverts of their favourite TV shows, while the dinner is cooking, while scrolling the internet, it’s dead time that you can use to complete your goals.

I hope you find some inspiration from this post, all it takes is 3 weeks and changes turn into habits, aim to try one of these each week and before you know it, exercise will be as much part of your day as it is mine! Photo credit: Kyle Galvin. Wearing Superdry. 

This post is not sponsored, however I have used images taken for a previous campaign.