Let’s talk Adverts, Sponsored posts and Relatability. For those of you who don’t know, I am what some people would call a walking talking sandwich board. When I first started my Blog, Youtube channel and other social platforms I would talk about products and brands I adored. Yes, they had either been in my cupboard for a while, been received as either a birthday or Christmas presents or had been purchased via my wages. Nowadays, because I have a following those same brands and a few new ones recognise me as a platform, a new way to show you guys their latest products, apparel or holidays.

I have a mortgage, a car, a dog, a life that needs paying for and as my social platforms have now changed from being a hobby into a full-time job, I am now in a situation where I am able to earn money in return for featuring these brands.

The reason for this post, like most social influencers, I only work with brands I adore, would have always spent my money on previously and am proud to shout about working with from the rafters. The sad thing is that as soon as we pop the word #ad next to our posts, we are suddenly barraged with hate or a big thumbs down on our videos. My question to you, if a brand that you adored contacted you and asked you if you wanted to mention their products and receive payment in return, would you really say no? Exactly! So please understand that if you see me working with a brand, I am bloody proud of it and what I have written is still my own opinion. The pictures are still mine, the idea behind the post or video was created by me, the only difference is that the brand has recognised me and is thanking me for sharing them with you.

Relatability. This is a hard one. We all live within our own means, I’ve always worn Nike, Adidas and Sweaty Betty, however, when I first started I would save up to by a pair of leggings every other month. Now  I am lucky enough to have built an amazing relationship with these brands, one where, in return for social exposure, I receive occasional pieces from the latest season. This also happens with travel, something I never expected. Last year alone I was lucky enough to work with Trek America, TGSki and Virgin Holidays, resulting in me travelling to 14 different destinations! Ludicrous I know. This is where relatability comes in. I am aware that this makes me very unrelatable, it’s a Kim K type of lifestyle. However let me put it to you, if you received an email inviting you to experience a travel destination in return for social exposure what would you reply?

I believe it is my responsibility to always be honest with you guys, to tell you if a brand has paid me for a review, gifted me an outfit or flown me to another country. I promise to always do that if in return you guys accept that I haven’t sold out in return for money and that I’ve actually worked really hard to get a brand to notice me and want to work with me. I honestly wish I could show you the ratio of jobs I turn down compared to ones I complete. This post may be controversial but it’s something I feel very strongly about and I’d love to hear your thoughts.