Last year my skin was terrible. It was trying to be beautiful but I just hadn’t been taking care of it. Now it’s a new year my focus has changed. It’s 6 months since I finished Accutane and I’ve been enjoying taking time out to pamper and take care of my skin, with is why I am so happy that L’Oreal wanted to work with me on this post.

Those of you who follow me on Snapchat will remember I enjoyed a girls night in London with L’Oreal last year. It was that night that I was introduced to their Pure Clay Masks and I’ve been using them ever since (hence me wanting to tell you all about them.) I don’t normally write too many beauty posts as I’m someone who only ever has around ten minutes of downtime. I’m very much the multitasker, which is why Multitasking is perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle.

Let me introduce you to my face. On my cheeks is Purity, a green clay with eucalyptus to purify and mattify. On my nose and chin is Detox, a black clay with charcoal, to detoxify and clarify and on my forehead is Glow, a red clay with algae and exfoliating beads to brighten and smooth. Each mask has unique ingredients, each with their own benefits creating a sensorial experience that’s personal to your skin’s needs.

Not only is it fun to feel like a warrior and paint your face but we all know that our skin changes. Sometimes weekly but for me, it can be daily depending on what I get up to, which is why it’s great to know that I have three masks to choose from. I can also mix and match to suit each area. Even the boyfriend dabbles in it!

My question to you is do you take time out to put your best face forward? One to three times a week is enough. You can paint your face, pop a bath bomb into your bath, turn out the lights and listen to your favourite playlist. It’s much more empowering than another ten minutes scrolling Facebook.

Let’s make a deal, I promise to post more workouts for you guys to follow if you promise to take a little me time. After all, you deserve it.

This post has been kindly sponsored by L'oreal however all images and opinions are of my own, thank you so much for reading!