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82% of people are addicted to social media, it’s a socially accepted addicted and I for one can 100% raise my hand, i’m addicted. I’m aware it’s my job but I sure as hell don’t need to be scrolling Instagram stories while trying to pee, catching up with my mum or while the boyfriend is hoping to get some sexy-time.

Bed’s are for Spooning or Forking, from January first I made the decision to only use my phone to turn on or turn off my alarm when in bed, no more scrolling, checking snapchats, tweets or looking at stats and the conclusion, why didn’t i do it sooner! Not only have I slept deeper, laughed louder and managed to fit in some nighttime cardio, i’ve felt less anxious, I haven’t laid there creating to-do lists or feeling like i’m missing out on someone else’s story.

Ban the Bullshit, there’s almost nothing I wouldn’t do for my friends and family but i’ve learnt that most people won’t do the same for you. I can’t say i’ve never let anyone down but i’ve always done my best not to, i’ll always call back if you call me, text as soon as I can and be there if it’s important, the same can’t be said for everyone around me and it’s something I used to make excuses for, perhaps i’m a bad friend or they didn’t really want to spend time with me but  in all honesty it’s their excuse and their reason, I’ve just decided that I’m no longer going to feel sad when others let me down, it’s their loss.

Strong. Honestly, i’ve always wanted to be smaller, that was until November last year, when I finally realised what it was to feel powerful and strong. I’ve always followed a Bodybuilding style routine but recently I decided to shape things up and joined Crossfit, it was the opposite to the stories everyone told me, I was welcomed with open and very defined arms and I’ve been hooked ever since. The no mirrors, no pretence vibe made me completely forget about my looks, I  just wanted to be bad-ass and complete every rep, I was part of a team, a team I wanted to impress and the bi-product was that my body changed in the way I had always wanted it to, without me trying. I realised the difference, if you’re having fun and feeling incredible within your mind, your body follows, this year I am going to be strong, seriously strong and I can’t wait to show you all.

So those are my three changes, i’d rather say improvements to my life than resolutions and for the first time they’re not weight, food or beauty based, they’re real life, i’m protecting my heart and building my mind and it feels incredible! I’d love to hear yours, leave your comments below!