Sitting here on the train, Nick Mulvey playing in my ears and the bustle of people around me I can’t help but smile. I’ve been on this train more times that i can count but this time i just can’t stop grinning, something has changed, my biggest transformation yet.

At the end of 2016 I promised to get my work life balance to a place of comfort, a place where I remembered to actually stop, to have more baths, less scrolling time, more forking, the real stuff. It was also around that time when I realised that I had fallen out of love with exercise. It’s something I never expected to happen, a fitness professional who has lost her love of fitness, not the love with training others, the love with training myself. You see prior to becoming a Personal Trainer exercise was my escape, my ‘me time’ when it became my job it stopped being my ‘me time’ and became everyone else’s.

‘My Body finally represents my Strengths, not my Punishments’

My biggest transformation and the light at the end of the tunnel came when I fell face first into my first WOD, a Crossfit abbreviation meaning ‘Workout of the Day.’ I expected to hate it, expected to be greeted by bulky women, grunting men and a whole lot of bad form when in reality I was greeted with open (and very defined) arms, my body was challenged but it was my mind that took the brunt force. After five very sweaty and very achy weeks of classes, I believe that my body finally represents my strengths, not my punishments. You see i’ve never been huge but i’ve never been tiny, I can build muscle relatively quickly and as long as my diet is 80% clean my abs are happy to be seen but that doesn’t mean i’m healthy in fact I can tell you a time in my 20s when my abs were purely a result of insufficient calories and a very destructive mind.

I sit here smiling on this train because I finally understand why I am here, it’s not to look perfect naked or to be debt free, it’s to be present in every moment, team my body with mind and face my fears.

To watch my transformation for yourself, click here to head to my favourite video to date.