You set your alarm, you always pack a water bottle and your playlist is always on track, however, you just never feel like you’re truly getting anywhere. You’re not alone. So many of us show up to our workouts but leave feeling like it could have been so much more. A lack of knowledge, a heavily stressed and over-worked brain, a rumble in your stomach or a boy that you just can’t get out of your head. There are a million more reasons why but they’re simply all just excuses. You need a little nudge and that’s what I’m here for.

Dig out your journal, or open a new note in your phone, it’s time to create a plan, something to stick to, something to push towards and conquer. Work out how many days you can truly fit in a workout and divide your body by the days, for example, three: Legs & Bum, Upper Body, Abs and Core. If you’re stuck for routines I have a whole new series of gym routines over on my YouTube Channel for you to follow and you can easily screenshot the routines from the description box.

Pick your nemesis, do you stop because you’re bored or because you couldn’t possibly do another rep or another minute? I love my comfort zone but fitness is not an area for comfort, if you always tell yourself twelve reps push it to fifteen, if you run for five km push it to seven km, it’s not about reaching a time limit it’s about pushing your body and showing it who is boss.

If you’re starving, full or dehydrated then you know you won’t perform at your best. Fill your body like a Ferrari and it will get you to your destination so much quicker. Hydrate and let your body sweat out your day. If you’ve eaten too much, head outside for a walk to let it settle before embarking on your routine.

Manage your time, I never want to be in the gym for longer than 45 minutes, unless I’m taking part in a class, make your time effective, save your weekend chats for a coffee date once you’ve finished. Actually time your rests to make sure its only 30 seconds and not 3 minutes, don’t waste time waiting for a machine if someone else is using it, create something else in your own little space on the floor, you only have to move, you don’t have to use anything in particular.

Finish your workout with a ten minute stretch, pop on a chilled playlist like this one from my Spotify and let your body cool down before you step back into the world. Not only will it let your mind settle, but it will also help you calm down and reflect on how incredible you just were. 

Fuel, don’t leave it too long after training to refuel, just a banana or even a smoothie or shake post workout will help to replenish your muscles and rid you of that hangry feeling. If you’re heading straight home to dinner then perhaps a couple of almonds will tie you over but if you’re about to start a full day of work don’t skip breakfast and undo all of your hard work, make time to nourish your body and mind. I’d love to hear if you found this post useful or if you have any other tips, please leave them in the comments below.