Let’s face it, sweating it out in the gym doesn’t tend to leave your hair or skin feeling it’s best. The ever drying air-con and the never-ending cycle of hair up, hair down, dry shampoo, sweat isn’t the best for glossy locks. However, I feel I’ve really perfected a cycle that works for me & seeing as how you guys are always asking about my routine I thought I’d share my top tips in a Blog post.

Wash, I am super lazy when it comes to washing my hair so it only get’s a spruce once a week, the night before I smother it in coconut oil and yes it’s the same oil as I use for my cooking. I usually apply it whilst in the shower and make sure I spend at least three to five minutes massaging my scalp. Once out, I pop it up in a loose bun, lay a towel over my pillow and sleep in it before washing it out and styling in the morning. I’ve tried so many shampoos and conditioners in my time but nothing has made my hair feel more manageable or healthy than L’Oreal Fibrology it smells delicious and doesn’t leave my hair feeling coated or heavy.

Serum I always used Moroccan oil until I came across Aveda Damage Remedy daily repair, it smells of Ylang Ylang and bergamot and is the only serum i’ve ever used that never leaves my hair looking sticky, oily or heavy no matter how much I use.

Grey, I spotted my first grey aged eighteen and actually keep contemplating going full grey however for the time being I like to remove the brassy tones and pesky whites with L’Oreal Colour Corrector for Brunettes, it’s the best product i’ve found for restoring shine and colour without feeling overly coated.

Braids always look gorgeous for an instagramable workout but in general, unless you’re happy to sleep in it you’re going to have to wash your hair by day two. I find a simple pony tail, top knot or loose plait works the best for keeping it away from your neck and face and still looks society worthy post-workout, invisabobble or a crocodile clip are the best for avoiding dents and breakage and don’t let you down mid workout.

I’m not going to lie, I wouldn’t make it to a full week without using a little dry shampoo, it’s the stuff of miracles, although I find it’s always a little more difficult to use on brunette hair than on blondes. Luckily I found my partner in crime four months ago with Aveda Shampure Dry, I love how it puffs, not sprays out and doesn’t leave your hair chalky but soft and textured.

Heat, I was the straightening monster as a teen and it really took its toll on my hair. Nowadays unless I’m off to an event or someone else is styling it for a shoot it only feels the heat once a week, post wash. I thought heat protecters were a money making scheme but if they are, it’s something I’ve fallen for. My favourite is Shu Uemera Absolue, use it on dry or wet hair it does wonders for protection, not to mention smell or moroccan oil for taming frizz and keeping hair health locked in. In the summer I let my hair air-dry but in the winter it’s just too chilly so I use my GHD hairdryer followed by either my GHD curling tongs or straighteners. Yes, I am a GHD junkie, I remember buying my first pair aged fourteen and I’ve been faithful ever since.

Pillow proof, I’m certainly no princess but yes, I have a silk pillow. Years ago when my hair started coming out in clumps from a miserable breakup, I did all I could to rescue my hair and it was a client who suggested a silk pillow. Not only does it help keep your bed head under control, it’s smooth surface can help reduce friction on your hair and split ends. What’s your hair routine? Leave your comments below!


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