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It’s time for another super simple snackable recipe, I am proud to announce that this recipe is in collaboration with Onken and is not only delicious, takes less than 4 minutes prep time, it’s also a super healthy snack that any age will enjoy! This blog post is a paid for advertorial.

During the summer I love nothing more than to snack on homemade lollipops and sorbets so it’s only natural that I still crave something just as delicious during Winter. I am a huge coconut lover so when I spotted that Onken had added coconut to it’s line of flavours I dived straight in.. (with my spoon) and knocked together my tastiest frozen yogurt cups to date!

Ingredients: 1 pot of Limited Edition Onken Coconut yogurt, 1 cup of Granola, 200g of Blueberries, and 12 cupcake cups.

Recipe: Blend 200g of Blueberries or your favourite fruit with 100ml of water, next spoon 1tsp of Granola into your cupcake cups. Next spoon on 1tbs of your blended fruit followed by a big spoonful of your Coconut Onken, if you want to enhance the flavour you can also add your yogurt into the blender and mix it with the fruit to make it more colourful! Next pop the cups in the freezer for between 3 -4 hours, overnight or until the yogurt has set. Once frozen, remove from the cups and serve, or place in an air-tight plastic bag and store in the freezer for up to 2 weeks.

Something tells me this flavour is going to be a sell-out, especially as i’ve stocked up twice in the last week, limited edition Onken Coconut is available in Asda and is £1.40 per 450g pot, to find out more click here, happy munching!



This post has been sponsored by Onken, however the recipe and opinions are that of my own, i am so proud to have been able to work with Onken on this recipe and hope you enjoy making it as much as I enjoyed eating it!