I’ve never actually written a Christmas Guide but i’m feeling incredibly festive and know how hard it can be to buy something for the ones you love. Giving is my favourite part of Christmas, honestly just feed me a mince pie and i’ll be happy, so with that in mind i’d popped a little list and summary of my favourites gifts to buy the ones in your list that love to sweat and moan.

The Yogi: She bends, she smiles and she oozes happiness, increase her smile with my top picks of yogi friendly gifts.

The Runner: Keep your runaway babe safe in something warm and bright this winter. Gone are the days of wearing a bin-bag and a bike light on your run, push that extra mile with these gorgeous gifts.

The Gym Junkie: The easiest one to buy for, a regular gym junkie will love any of the below, from kitting her out with headphones to adding a little more weight to that booty.

The Walker: Whether she’s walking the baby or hiking up a mountain there are ways to up a walker’s routine and the below are my favourite for turning a walk into a serious workout.

He Lifts: He might lift but does he have the tools? From turning your home into a mini gym to giving him those manly treats to take him from all the gear no idea to HE LIFTS.

The Crazy Crossfitter: They’re crazy and don’t i know it, after recently signing up to a Crossfit i am more than aware that it’s not about looks, it’s about grunts and hard work. Protect your Crossfit cutie with these hardcore accessories.

The Serial Retreater: She loves to runaway and fully immerse herself in all things food and fitness, so why not give her a push in the right direction with these getaway gifts.

The Foody: She has every type of avocado cutting tool and you know you’ll get something delicious from her at xmas so why not return the favour and give her a a food gift she’ll be loving during 2017.

The Beautiful Beginner: She’s new to fitness but you just know she’s going to smash every goal she sets, set her up for her new challenge in style.