Don’t let your mind bully your body. You don’t need thinner legs, a flatter stomach, longer hair, whiter teeth, softer skin or a prettier face, no, what you really need is a change in perspective and a higher self-esteem.

Compliments are something I love to give out, however they are the hardest to receive, we can all be so typically British, ‘your hair looks beautiful’ often comes with the response ‘oh no, it really needs washing‘ beautiful skin, ‘oh it’s just good makeup I’m actually drowning in spots’ and when it comes to talking bodies, everyone is having a fat day or feeling bloated.

Somewhere along the way we forgot how god damn beautiful we all are, just because ‘she’s’ beautiful it doesn’t mean you aren’t! We’re a world obsessed with scales, numbers and size when what should really be measured is how kind, smart, funny, radiant or unique you are.

When I had abs I was told I looked manly, when I lost them I was told I was unhealthy and out of shape, some people critique me for being too muscly while others say I have no definition at all and don’t even get me started on the comments about my butt.

You cannot weigh beauty, you also cannot judge a book by its cover, so stop telling thin people to eat a burger and don’t assume someone is overweight because of inactivity or binging. We’re not in this world for long and you sure as hell will never be as young as you are right now, so embrace what you have, be a little kinder to your mind and just as loving your body.