I’ll admit it, on my most recent vacation I went all out food wise! Nutella on bagels, cheerios, ketchup crisps, bread, smores and alcohol. It was beyond delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time. Fast forward to the end of my trip and I was feeling bloated, heavy and constantly full. The old me would have gone into panic mode, I’m fat, my skin is rubbish, why did I eat all of that?!

In truth, the scales had barely changed, what had, however, was my mindset. Our mindset has the biggest effect on how we feel about our bodies, eat unhealthy for longer than a day and we’re convinced our stomach has widened, we’re out of shape and unattractive. Eat a salad and suddenly we’re checking for abs in the mirror.

Once you’re home, you can make a change, just one change to start. Most of us are guilty of trying to change everything at once, its exhausting, mind consuming and leaves you feeling miserable. Whenever I return home from a holiday I revert to having protein for breakfast as when away from home our diets are generally high carb. So if you want to reduce that bloated feeling once home, opt for lighter breakfasts and lunches for a couple of days and aim to demolish your carbs with your dinner.

Carbohydrates are your brains only fuel power. That feeling you get when your brain has become foggy and you can’t remember where you left your dog, it’s due to a lack of carbs and is not a good sign. Instead of no carbs, how about no crap? Avoid the rubbish carbs that leave you feeling high for two minutes and then crashing seconds later, opt for vegetables, rice, sweet potato and oats instead. A bag of crisps might have caught your eye but you know they’re not going to fill you up even if they’re crinkle cut, or ketchup flavoured.

Move more and no I’m not going to ask you to live on the treadmill for the next two months, move more than you normally would but don’t overwork yourself into a deficit. Aim to complete a 20 minute walk pre-breakfast at least three times a week. Walk a little faster than you would if window shopping, it will kickstart your metabolism, have you dreaming of breakfast and leave you feeling like you’re halfway there. Mindset in the making!

Your stomach only craves what you give it, the first three to four days are going to be the hardest, especially if you have consumed everything you enjoy prior to that, be prepared to crave everything but don’t be so hard on yourself. If it’s more than a craving, for example, you are actually hungry and have eaten well throughout the day aim to make a healthier alternative. I always crave chocolate and combat it by making myself a healthier hot chocolate, a chocolate flavoured protein shake or by having a yoghurt instead. It’s usually the mindset of sabotage that is making you crave, not your stomach.

Don’t give yourself a deadline, it makes everything so much harder. This is not about a timeframe, a date or event, if it is you’ll either crash beforehand or give up once you’ve reached it and then have to start all over again. Think of this as who you are, you eat the food you enjoy, you look forward to the extra tasty days and you love moving because it makes you feel alive. What are your top tips for getting back on track?

Images are from my recent trip to Canada with Trek America & Explore Canada you can find out more about this trip here.