I’m sure 99.9% of us have something we would like to change about our appearance, however, it seems that nowadays the number one goal is to be smaller. Nine times out of ten the main goal for any new client is to lose weight and whilst I have nothing against it as a goal I feel there should be something more satisfying to work on. In my opinion, there is no size, weight or number that makes people happy, we always want more.

What happens if your main thought of each day is how to be smaller? Unfortunately for a large proportion of us its something, we think about numerous times a day. It’s an unhealthy obsession and one that usually leads to an unhealthy relationship with our body, food and mindset. Let’s break the chain, it’s not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight but it can totally be done and trust me, you’ll feel incredible! Set free and god damn sexy!

Step 1: Naked – without sounding like a total pervert, take your clothes off, have a shower, scrub your skin, apply some self-tan if you need to and stand in front of the mirror and just admire how BEAUTIFUL are you. Take an honest look at your body and instead of hating, slating and hiding your body, take a deeper look. Take five minutes each day to see how beautiful your skin is, smile at the dimples, curves, lines, marks, scars, hairs, muscles and only take in the good, ignoring anything negative – you don’t have any time for that!

Step 2: Dress – instead of saving everything for best, wear what you love. For years I have bought clothes I’ve loved and then hung in my wardrobe to save for a special day. EVERY DAY is special, you should feel your most beautiful every day, whether it’s for work, a meeting, or the dry cleaners. Feeling your best in your clothes will change how you feel when you walk, talk and see yourself in your mirror. Stop waiting for an occasion to feel gorgeous.

Step 3: Food – one bad meal won’t make you put on weight, just like one good meal won’t make you lose it. Although it might feel like that doughnut you had for lunch has planted itself comfortably on your hips, it hasn’t. Its all about living life in moderation. It’s not about what you eat, more about how often and how much of it you eat. If you eat food in order to be smaller you will never be happy. Eat to enjoy, satisfy and nourish and you’ll be far less likely to binge and obsess, plus it will help you think more positively at what’s on your plate.

Step 4: Exercise – if the only reason you go to the gym is to burn off last nights dinner or tomorrow’s birthday cake then you need to reevaluate. There is more to moving your body than size and being completely honest, endless hours in the gym punishing your body to make it smaller usually only ends in failure or a cancelled membership. Move your body because you want to feel stronger, independent, sleep better, live longer, stand taller and protect your heart.

Step 5: Proud – once you’ve added the above into your life it’s time to be proud. You’re more than a size, a number, a shape, being smaller isn’t what makes you happy, being healthier and taking care of yourself does.

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