What does happiness mean to you? To me, it’s about feeling free, free to take on new opportunities, explore, dance all night, push past my limits and laugh with those who understand me. The truth is we all have days where happiness feels as though, it’s just around the corner. Luckily that corner is only a few steps away thanks to Lacoste’s latest #LacostePourElle campaign and my four tips to happiness.

Circle: Surround yourself with ‘radiators’, people who light up a room and make you feel like you can take on anything. Step away from ‘drains’, they take more than you can give and leave you feeling deflated within minutes. Take time to look up from your phone and fall in love with different faces, talents and smiles and remember that it’s ok to step away from situations, people and social media accounts that make you feel anything other than inspired.

Escape: Once a week aim to run a new route, sweat in a different class, drink in a new cafe or escape to the beach. Nowadays we’re all too stressed to take time out, however, time alone to rethink, breathe and reflect can be all you need to reconnect and realise how truly epic you really are.

Exercise: once you get over the dread of starting, it frees your mind, lets you feel like you’ve left your troubles behind and gives you a superhero burst of endorphins. Yes, sometimes just lifting your head from your pillow feels a little too much but this is when I make sure that my gym kit is by my door, clean, fresh and ready to make me feel ready, even when I don’t.

Senses: did you know that if you smile your brain will believe you’re happy? The same is true with scents. I have spritzes to make me sleepy, oils to relax me and perfumes to change my mood. Scents are something which can uplift and change my mood instantly which is why I thought this would be the perfect collaboration. For those of you who follow me on Snapchat, you’ll know that my current go-to fragrance is Lacoste’s latest Pour Elle Natural Fragrance – a smell that makes me feel energised and ready to move, even in the heat of the sun. With ingredients such as coconut milk, jasmine, white flowers, raspberry leaves, mandarin and pineapple it is a smell that makes me feel fresh, uplifted and ready to push my heartbeat to its limits.

The new Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Natural fragrance is part of a collection of 3 and is in stores from 20th July 2016. For more information or to purchase click here.

This post has kindly been sponsored by Lacoste as part of their #LacostePourElle campaign, if you'd like to know more about this collaboration please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below.