It’s so much easier to stay in shape when you’re single. Relationships generally lead to more Deliveroo’s, less exercise (apart from in the bedroom) and weirdly less Victoria Secret, more sweatpants. However, although it may be easier to descend into comfort, it doesn’t have to be that way, in fact, it can be just as easy to become a healthier version of yourself even when you can no longer starfish your bed.

Online: one of the best ways I’ve found to avoid over-hauling on processed treats, alcohol and all the bits in between is by ordering your food shop online. Since switching to the virtual supermarket not only has it become easier to plan meals ahead and opt for healthier alternatives but it has prevented those hangry extras you end up buying or hungover snacks that jump into your basket! Another benefit, it can save between £25-£80 a month because you can see the total as you shop and by shopping online, you avoid those end of aisle “offers” that bump up the cost.

Slow Cooker: Let’s talk Slow cookers (I know my mum would be so proud to see me write this!) Mine is almost as important to me as my GHD’s. It has saved many a food meltdown, hangover and last minute dinner party. I normally pop a chilli in at the beginning of the week, a curry towards the middle and then a miss-match of everything left in the fridge at the end. I find its a great way to monitor portion control as it always serves dinner for two that night and then lunch leftovers for the following day. Plus you KNOW what you’re putting in it, so no nasties and it stops that ‘just home from work, let’s order a takeaway rush’ as it’s there when you need it.

Time Out: One of my best recommendations is to stretch your legs, before or after dinner. Grab your trainers, slippers or any outfit you desire and go for a walk. It may be raining, blow your hair into your lipgloss or be the perfect sunset, whatever the situation, hold hands, rant about your day and let your body de-bloat, de-stress and burn a couple of extra calories.

Swallow: A routine that’s so easy to fall into as a couple (and one I’m totally guilty of) is going for a coffee, cake or just pouring a glass of wine. Annoyingly some drinks (or a whole bottle) can add over 500 calories to your day and usually comes with a side of cake, chips or biscuit. A great way to reduce this is by getting a coffee machine at home and making your own drinks. If your partner misses that name-on-your-paper-cup feeling, simply purchase some paper cups online, not only does it save money but it saves calories: it’s much harder to add the perfect creamy foam from home.

Table: Yes the sofa may be comfier and Love Island might be on but if your eyes don’t see what you’re eating, your brain won’t see it and your stomach won’t notice it. All this means you won’t feel full. Aim to eat at a dinner table, pop on some music and pretend you’re on a date, you’ll feel fuller and actually have some 1-2-1 time, which means there’s no excuses for him/her to interrupt you during your favourite programme later.