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We’ve all been there and set ourselves a goal which seems impossible to reach. Whether it was to fit in that little black dress, to run to the gym instead of drive or purely say no to the desert section of the buffet, we set it, we can reach it and I’m going to give you my top tips as to how!

This post has kindly been sponsored by ENERTOR™ a brand that understands our need to reach and conquer goals. Their latest performance based insole is not only endorsed by six-time Oympic Games Gold Medalist and 11 time World Champion, Usain Bolt but is the only insole to use patented D3O® technology: which for those of us who have never heard of it means 44% less shock, preventing us from unnecessary injuries and even gives you back 36% energy return to help you push that little bit further!

Invest. ever heard the term all the gear, no idea? So many of us are falling into the trap of buying aesthetic based fitness apparel, when really we should be looking into what fits, protects and enables our body to push harder. Without your feet you’re going to struggle to run that extra mile so really pay attention to what your feet need when taking part in your sport. I would highly recommend booking yourself in for a Gait analysis before purchasing any trainers and take care to read the functional description of any sportswear you decide to buy, they might not be equipped for anything other than a shopping trip.

Take it slow, far too often we go all guns blazing only to fall the very next week. Plan you’re workouts, classes, goals and remember to give yourself time to recover, rest is where your body will show your progression and areas in which you need to improve.

Mix it up, So you want to run a marathon? Awesome, that doesn’t however mean you have to run 26 miles every week, you want to change your methods so that your body is optimal on the day. A mixture of HIIT, intervals, 5ks and longer runs will see you sprinting past the man in the gorilla costume faster than ever before.

Times up, be realistic, don’t expect to be able to complete ten pull-ups within your first week, or swim a mile when you’ve never swam before, goals are something to work on, not demolish the next minute (unless you can, in which case you need to up your goal plotting!) Olympians train for years and are constantly striving to be better than the previous season, give yourself 6 weeks for body goals, 8 weeks for fitness goals and 12 weeks for transformations, it’s worth it, I promise.

ENERTOR™  insoles are available exclusively at Superdrug and from 29th June, the insoles i am wearing cost £39.99 but the rest retails from £19.99 from UK sizes 3 – 12.

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This post was kindly sponsored by ENETOR, I am so excited to be able to work with them on their #BreakYourLimits campaign and hope that this posts give you greater insight into ways to improve performance in whatever sports you enjoy.