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Long gone are the days of throwing on your over-stretched, over-worn tees and beyond saggy bottom sweat pants for a workout. Nowadays what you wear while you workout can be the difference between an epic session and a total belly flop. Now i’m not saying that you have to spend hundreds on pounds on fitness gear and resemble all the gear-no-idea but it should give you the confidence to jump, lunge and stretch without worry which is why I’ve teamed up with online retailer Zalando to give you guys my top tips for finding your perfect workout super-suit.

Fit, ever bought a pair of leggings and then found yourself hitching them up, rolling them down or worse, being told your underwear is on show? To make more of your workout than just pulling up your leggings opt for pants with a draw string or thick waist band and remember to test them out when they arrive, do as you would in the gym, squat, lunge and stretch, you’re welcome.

Colour, you don’t have to change your fashion style just to get fit, be as individual as you are on the street as you would while you sweat. We have more access than ever before when it comes to colour, pattern and cut, whether you love being bright, monacrone, baggy or tight style it out and don’t forget it’s perfectly acceptable to wear your sports clothes out of the gym!

Trainers, from HIIT, to Running, pure street style and weights it’s vital to look after your feet while working out. Don’t panic, I understand it can be a mind field so my first tip is to go for a Gait Analysis to work out the shape and movement of your feet, next opt for a trainer that is best designed to your sport. My current all-round favourites are either the Adidas Ultra or Pure Boost and Nike Lunarglide.

Strap them down, far too often I see ladies working out in their bra, as beautiful as it may look, a bra is not designed to protect your lady humps during exercise and can cause some serious damage not to mention the occasional black eye. Do yourself a favour and invest in a sports bra, with colour, fit and sizes to suit anyone your perfect partner is out there, i prefer ones that do up at the front, makes life a little less restraining when trying to get out.

Comfort, for those of you who don’t quite feel like working out in just your sports bra invest in a couple of vest / tank tops. In my experience tops that are tighter around the bust and slightly looser around your stomach are the comfiest, tight tops tend to hug all lumps and bumps and permanently ride up where as baggy, tent like tees get in the way, flap around and prevent you from noticing changes to your figure.

Shopping, with such a huge variety of apparel we no longer have to be dressed head to toe in the same brand which is why I am so happy to team up with shopping legends and online retailer Zalando, in one click i can go from Adidas to Nike, to Varley and Alo yoga without having to insert my card details into several different checkouts, fast fitness straight from my laptop to my door to my gym in no time. What do you look for when shopping for fitness clothes, is there a certain brand or style that you love?

What I’m Wearing: White Vest | Patterned Leggings | Sports Bra

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This post is part of a 2 post collaboration with Zalando, I am so proud to share this with you and hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Photography credit: Sam Robinson.