I can 100% say that so far in my career, I have only ever come across two women who truly loved their bodies and were happy to walk around in the skin they were in. That’s a crap statistic and one that makes me want to vom a little, however in truth, I was not one of the two. Whether it’s curves like Beyonce, Boobs like Tash Oakley, Legs like Naomi, Hips like Adelle or a stomach like Jessica Ennis, if you could buy a new body part in the shops I’m sure most of us would join the queue.

In a dream world, I would be a petite 5’3 with size 4 feet, Spanish skin, freckles across my nose and hips that swung for days like Shakira! I would have a waist that put corsets to shame, that could rival Dita Von Tease and look fabulous when writhing around in a champagne glass. I am an Idiot. In the real world, I am a healthy adult with a body that fits my genetics, reflects my eating habits and represents my workouts. I am comfortable and proud but yes, I would be lying if I said that “dream world” me didn’t lure me back from time to time.

In truth the body you want needs to be a superhero version of you, not a new identity entirely because you will never be happy with yourself if you don’t give yourself a perfectly imperfect version to look up to. In all honesty, my real trigger point came when I let my mind see my body for what it really was. I took off my clothes, popped on my favourite tune and stood completely naked in the mirror, no clothes, no makeup, no tensing, just standing, with the odd ‘this is my jam’ wiggle.

That person in the mirror is what you look like, she/he is phenomenal, those feet carry the weight of you all day, your legs move you from place to place, that butt whether flat, wide or tiny gives you the best free seat you’ll ever need and that stomach you’ve spent years dieting for, is where you will potentially grow the most beautiful version of you. Your boobs, big or small, deflated or inflated are not just the best pillows in the world but a source of life, the bingo wings you hide enable you every day to reach out and hug the ones you love and that fabulously unique face, no matter how spotty or wonky, is adored by strangers and passers-by everyday, in a way that you will never know.

If you’re still wondering why you’ve not yet reached that Superhero version of you, I’m going to let you into a little secret, it’s because you’re always so unkind to yourself. A flower doesn’t grow in darkness and without love…give yourself a chance to be powerful.