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We’ve all eaten a salad and then checked for Abs when it’s more likely there’s a six-pack of Oreos hiding under there! Do not fear, I’ll let you in on a secret…come closer…abs aren’t everything!

I have abs and let me tell you, I still spend time checking to see if they’re there. In reality, on most days, it’s only my top 2 or 4 that want to join the party and the rest of the time I’m either bloated or flat as a pancake. It’s a total pain in the ass!

Abs aren’t everything, it has no measure on your fitness abilities and it doesn’t necessarily mean your core is strong. It can be down to genetics but most certainly is more often than not down to low body fat percentage which for some of us is not always a good thing.

There are also different types of abs. Typically we always want what we don’t have, for instance, I want Victoria Secret model abs with lines down the sides and a flat physique. In reality, I have the 6 pack type with lines across and slightly more protruded. Some of you will have genetics that struggle to show abs, we’re all different and that’s what makes us so fabulous.

How to get abs? Firstly let me start by saying that 1000 ab crunches a day will never get you abs if your body fat is too high. If you still have fat to lose from your body, especially the tummy region, no amount of crunches is going to make those eight little humps appear, you cannot spot reduce so it’s time to get back to working on your diet, sweating it out and strengthening your core with plank variations.

Diet, if you know that certain food groups bloat you beyond repair then avoid them if you want to see a change, make sure to up your water and eat foods that are going to nourish you, not fill you with gas and rubbish.

Stress, the more you stress about your body the more it stresses back and increases cortisol levels, cortisol is not your friend when it comes to your waist, your body sends out a signal to say you’re going through a tough time and tries to look after you by adding a little layer of fat around your middle to protect your organs, hello muffin top, ugh.

Have you struggled to achieve abs or have you finally managed to spot one? Let me know in the comments below