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Confidence in the nude, it’s something we were all born with. As children we never felt happier than when our bodies were free to roam, now as teenagers and adults we spend our days covering ourselves up in order to gain confidence! I want to bring a little natural confidence back into our lives, starting with my own.

Over the last year my skin has tried to break up with me which has left me feeling a little too on the shy side to head to the gym bare-faced. It’s fine in the mornings but in the evening when it’s busier I like to feel a little more confident, even when sweating buckets. I’ve tried many products in my time but most either leave me feeling caked, dry and reaching for the micellar water. Well, that was until I found a giant crayon that left me feeling confident.

Chubby in the nude by Clinique comes in ten different shades and is the easiest tool I’ve ever come across to paint my face with. It’s so light and creamy that even a complete novice like me can make a mistake and not have to start all over again. For those of you, like me, who apply your makeup first thing in the morning, don’t own a makeup bag and generally forget to reapply anything other than lip balm for the rest of the day, say hello to your new best friend! Whether you want to repaint your face, refresh your eyes or simply hide mother nature, it’s quick, simple and won’t leave you feeling dry, heavy or self-conscious. I’d love to hear your thoughts on your favourite foundations, it’s ok to need a little confidence when you’re feeling out of your comfort zone.


This post has been sponsored by Clinique, a brand I have loved since I was old enough to spend my pennies, I am honoured to be able to write about this product for you guys and would love to hear your honest thoughts if you have tried it.