Tell me the last time you had that Crazy in Love Beyonce strut and could charm the pants of David Beckham with just one eyelash flutter? So many of us can’t and that’s total bullshit, you are an incredible creation of two people who found each other so attractive that they created their own perfect mixture.

Naked, as children, we were never happier than when naked, what the hell happened? Now I’m not saying you have to go shopping in your Birthday Suit but spending some naked time can be just as good for your soul as hitting the gym. Think back to that scene in friends where Rachel has some naked apartment time. We get so hung up feeling how tight our jeans feel, or how bloated our tummy looks in that black dress that we forget to see how it looks when naked, natural and free. Let me tell you, it looks bloody gorgeous, whatever the size, whatever the shape.

Mind Games, it’s all in the mind and I know you want to punch me in the face for saying it but if you can train your brain to think more positively about yourself, you’ll be 90% closer to being the person you dream of being. Prime example, when you get your eyelashes done, or find that perfect little black dress, nothing about you has really changed, you’re still the same body shape, your face hasn’t morphed into Gigi, you’ve just splurged a little money on yourself which has mentally made you feel more beautiful. What if you could do that without having to spend a penny? Guess what? You can!

Squad, surround yourself with the type of person you believe yourself to be and it will shine out of your pores like diamonds. I used to surround myself with negative people, the type of people who were happy if you were unhappy, only ever wanted to hear about the crap going on in your life, and as soon as the crap disappeared and I was happy, they didn’t want to know. Once you let go of the drama and negativity you will discover your own little peaceful corner with people who are happy to be happy.

Free, nothing will bring your confidence back like escaping your current environment. You might not think it at first but letting go of everything that is you and wandering a new city, a new country will bring back parts of you, you’ve lost along the way. We get so bogged down by having the right clothes, that Pinterest life and pivotal career but really when you go back to basics, you realise it’s about letting your hair down, catching freckles on your nose and dancing without your shoes.

Unique, if the world was full of media perfect people then perfect would no longer exist, we’d just be copies. There is a reason why one boob is slightly larger the other, why sunglasses always show a little more of one eyebrow and why no-ones fingerprints match…you are meant to be an individual! A little legend that leaves an epic footprint on the earth.

What i’m wearing: Dress | Bag

Photo Credit: By the beautiful InTheFrow