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With the risk of sounding like a complete hypocrite, I think some of us have gone a little too healthy. When I first started in the health and fitness industry I understood that we needed to make a change, kids eating processed foods all day long, junk food taking a higher priority in supermarkets than freshly grown produce and TV adverts being all about fast foods.

Nowadays it’s a lot easier to grab something a little more nourishing, most of us make time to eat three meals a day and try where we can to make our plates as colourful as possible or at least just not swimming in chocolate.

However something weird has happened. When I asked my clients, friends, family or followers to talk to me about last week’s food I keep receiving the same answer, ‘bad‘, which is my reason for this post. What is bad? The standard reply is, ‘I had some bread on Monday and then yesterday a colleague at work had made brownies and I couldn’t resist.‘ My answer is always the same, how is that bad?

Somewhere society has taught us that some foods are good and other foods are bad when in reality, food is food, it’s the amount that makes the difference. I am more than happy for my clients to have some bread, a brownie or a bag of crisps at some point, that’s life! If it’s what you enjoy it’s better for you to have a little of it than restrict yourself and binge at the end of the week. What’s not ok is if that’s all you live on.

I want to ban the word bad, naughty, cheat, it’s all bullshit, it’s food, everything you eat has fat, carbs or protein and as long as you understand that your body will work better and flourish on some ingredients more than others you will generally make better decisions.

When it comes to putting a new client on a healthier nutritional plan I ask them to write down three foods or ingredients they don’t want to go without, we then work together to make sure that they still get to enjoy them throughout the week. It’s all about balance, not putting your food demons in a cupboard and hoping they won’t whisper to you throughout the night. I’m all for the world being healthier and if you can happily eat completely clean then you’re a better person than me and I am happy for you but if you can’t don’t panic, just work on creating a little more balance.