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Almost everyday I get tweets or emails asking how I manage to fit training into my lifestyle which is why I thought I’d share an insight into my routine with a little help from Under Armour UK who are working hard to make all athletes better, with their latest campaign ‘Rule Yourself’.

We’ve all heard the term, it’s a lifestyle, not a destination and for me, those words couldn’t be truer. Training and Recovery has become not just a huge part of my life but for so many people around the world, it’s a healthy obsession which not only changes your body but your mind. It’s not the easiest of paths and requires sacrifice, dedication and a whole lot of kick-ass but it’s worth it.

Previously I had all the time in the world to train, it was my hobby, something I did to burn off steam, to look good in a little black dress and to leave me feeling a little less guilty about demolishing a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Now it’s my career and in all honesty it’s ten times harder than it ever was before. You see now my job is to motivate those around me, take your goals and turn them into a reality. We all have days where we don’t want to wake up and workout, when our bodies say no to the thought of walking up stairs let alone doing Hill Sprints and in all honesty, I’m no different. The only difference is, my own personal battle happens in the dark and the progress is what you guys see in the light.

Training – my life is focused on motivating you guys and to do that I need some serious motivation myself! I don’t always want to work out, sometimes I want to sleep, which is why I schedule my workouts like a date with my boyfriend. I split my body into 5 sections and plan to push each split on different days, alternating my routines from Strength to Hypertrophy and Endurance. It’s a sweat show and it takes place while you guys are asleep, when the gym is my own little dance floor and my reps are the beat.

Nutrition – I totally get why celebrities hire chefs! if I didn’t make time to prep, my body would have divorced me by now. Failure to prep means preparation to fail. Long shifts with little breaks mean it’s easy to fatigue, I plan three main meals and two snacks plus two giant bottles of water for each day. This makes me far less likely to run to the vending machine or flake out on clients, no-one wants a grumpy personal trainer.

Recovery – In a dream world I would be a complete bendy babe, in reality, I am about as flexible as a surfboard. It has to be the most frustrating part of my lifestyle but if I didn’t put in the time to stretch, endure painful Sports massages or pull the sexiest of sexy faces on my foam roller, my body would break. Yes, exercise is incredibly good for you but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t cause injuries, muscle pain and a funny walk from time to time, you have to give your body time to recover if you want to stay in the fast lane.

Sleep – I feel I should have slept more when I was younger, my bed and I are currently seeing other people, it’s something I am hoping to change but for now it’s got to wait. Being a personal trainer and YouTuber is the most sociable but equally unsociable career. You have to be available when everyone else is available, that means early mornings and late nights. However sleep is vital for rest, cortisol levels and overall mental state which is why I always aim for at least 6 hours and book in a 10 minute headspace slot each day.

All of the above is a tiny sacrifice for the best thing that has ever happened to me. I think that’s why I fell in love with Under Armour UK’s ‘Rule Yourself’ Campaign which highlights the work behind the scenes that enables athletes such as Anthony Joshua, the USA Gymnastics team and the unbelievable Gisele Buncheon to be who they are today. Everything takes hard work but if you want it badly enough, you’ll do it and you’ll love it.

This post is sponsored but the content is that of my own. Under Armour UK is a brand I have always worn and supported and it was an honour to be able to work with them on their #RuleYourself Campaign. If you would like to see more from their campaign click here.