This is not a sponsored post, I have a crush on my camera and I thought it was about time I told you about it. I’m not a pro when it comes to photography, I don’t understand ISO, Lens flares or half of the settings but I can spot a beautiful image and luckily have the tools to capture it. As a kid I took a lot of inspiration from my dad, he loves to take photos and is incredible at framing a photo, capturing the foreground in a way that makes you feel like you’re there with him.

When I first started filming and blogging I unashamedly did as my inspirations did and bought a Canon 650d, it was expensive, scary but beautiful. I am not proud to say that it now sits in a drawer gathering dust. I found it awkward, complicated and far too bulky to carry around with me day-to-day.

Fast forward to the day I met Lydia Millen, her photos were always breathtakingly beautiful, mainly because she is so, but also because she had perfected the art of taking photos and had what I now call the beautiful camera. The Olympus Pen.

Something happened when Lydia took our first selfie together. I didn’t hate my face, my eyes were bluer, my skin softer and I looked how I always hoped I looked. It gave me confidence which was something I had never previously experienced and it was affordable.

Fast forward to today, it’s just me and my Olympus. I use it to film my Videos, take my Blog and Instagram photos, it’s permanently in my handbag, gym bag, hanging around my neck or swinging from its strap on my wrist. We’re best friends and I have a lot to thank it for.

It is so easy for bloggers on the go which is why this camera is so popular. I’m usually travelling between events or clients which means I don’t have time to head home, remove my SD stick and upload. This is where the Olympus shines. It has its own built-in WIFI which means I can download and upload my images whenever and wherever I like, no waiting, no time lost.

It comes with the pancake lens which is perfect for all things video or flat lay, however, if you want to get blurred and magical there are lots of different lenses you can easily purchase which will transform your photos from good to gorgeous.

I’ve never felt the want to hide my Pen so you’ll usually find it slung across my shoulder via its strap, however for the fashion conscious, Olympus now has a range of beautiful camera bags and pouches to house your pen, not to mention straps of all sizes.

When it comes to editing I’m not a fan of photoshopping myself into something prettier. I’d hate for anyone to meet me and be disappointed to see wrinkles, spots and blemishes. I do however like to make my photos as vibrant and beautiful as possible and for that, you’ll find me using either Facetune or Snapseed. First, Facetune, designed to airbrush your flaws away I actually only use it to whiten yellow tones from backgrounds, followed by the detail tool to highlight any areas of interest. Next, it’s onto Snapseed, my favourite app, I use it to increase brightness, saturation and contrast. Its attention to detail is incredible, ta-dar, hello pretty pictures.