Wow, 2015, you seriously kicked my butt into a world I never knew existed, it’s true what they say ‘if you believe it dreams really do come true’.
1,460+ delicious meals, most were ‘healthy’ a lot were not, I’ve dwelled, binged, under-eaten, overeaten, unzipped my jeans, over-thought about it and cheated but I loved every mouthful and remember, it’s just food and my god it was good.
260, the number of workouts I have sweated through.. (I think!) I have pushed my body to its limits, lost mojo, found mojo, been happy, been negative, reached goals and lost them, it’s a journey, never a destination.
25, to completing my first ever Vlogmas, I was so incredibly nervous which is why I cannot thank you guys enough as it was so much fun to film and will forever be something to remind me of how lucky I am to be able to be with my friends and family during the festive period. I will one hundred percent be doing it next year even if Leon kills me!
16, how many times I have flown away from my home, from travelling to New Zealand and Fiji with my favourite penis to partying with my best friends in Vegas, exploring Greece, Montenegro, Paris, Ireland, Switzerland and Skiing with gorgeous Bloggers to ending up in Lapland for a Christmas Adventure.
6, the number of incredible days I got to spend in Africa working with WaterAid. The memories I picked up from my time there will stick in my head forever, I have never met such beautiful people with so much life and soul in their eyes, I wish more people could see how different life could be.
5, the actual amount of ‘me’ days I’ve been lucky enough to have. Social media is incredible but it has no switch off, no downtime, shut of shop, it’s a twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week career which is why it’s perfect for people who are addicted to doing like me, however, it’s terrible for relaxing and de-stressing which is why I promise to give myself a little lay-in or switch off from time to time.. scheduling is key.
4, days filled with music at some incredible festivals, to the days where I danced in my pants with my boyfriend to eating burgers with some of the most beautiful and inspiring bloggers I would never have thought I’d meet, to standing in a field in my hometown watching Taylor Swift Shake It Off with complete awe.
2, new friends in the form of Victoria from InTheFrow and her boyfriend Alex who I just know I’ll be disappearing away with in 2016, always hold on to people who never ignore your phone call.
1, new addition to the family in the fur-baby form of Steven, I never knew I could fall in love with anything or anyone as much as I have, he is truly the best thing to come from this year, my favourite fur-human.
Now the question is what’s next, I have the biggest of plans and I’m not going to let my inner critic hold me back, just know this, you can do and be anything you want if you allow yourself to believe it. Trust me, it happens, don’t let life pass you by.