I’ll be honest, I first joined the fitness wagon because I wanted to impress my then boyfriend. I was a size 12 to 14 flat bum, no definition but happy 18 year old with about as much desire to sweat in front of him as I had for washing up. Fast forward 10 years and I’m a fully fledged exercise junkie, without the t-shirt but with a body and fitness level I am very proud of. 

However, if unlike me you currently hate exercise no problem, there are a million other things you can do to get a butt like Beyonce and Abs legs like Gigi, let’s investigate.
Dance, gone are the days of singing into my hairbrush and dancing on my bed, it’s time to let loose in public and swing your hips like Shakira. Dance classes like Salsa, Hip Hop, Street are not only fun wells to burn off some steam but they’re also incredible for dropping dress sizes and toning up your waistline.
Swim, unfortunately for most of us the UK lacks blue lagoons and Pinterest friendly pools but we do have some incredible facilities that will not only wake you up in the morning or help relax your mind after a hard day at work, swimming is also a toning masterclass for those stubborn areas and the best bit, you’d never even know if you were sweating.
Walk, now I’m not talking a Sunday stroll, grab a backpack, fill it with 10kg of goodies, they can even be treats to munch during your hike or if you’re a new mummy pack up the buggy and head outdoors. Walking is a fabulous fat burner and completely underrated, it’s low stress but high fat burn meaning you’ll burn off that afternoon tea in no time, just make sure you get a little hot under the collar, you should be able to overtake a snail.
Sex, Yes, I said it, this post is no longer PG rated. We’ve all heard the reviews, getting up close and personal not only burn calories but boosts those feel good endorphins and leaves you feeling like a goddess afterwards. So clear your schedule and get under the sheets.
Climb, this is my favourite and actually way more accessible than you would think. I recently decided to take up bouldering and without blowing my own trumpet it transformed my back and arms within weeks. Plus it’s a great group thing, get your friends together and go for a cocktail or 3 afterwards.
Skate, we’ve all seen Dancing on Ice, the transformations are unbelievable but believe it, not only will it tone your legs and butt but your tummy will lose inches due to how hard your core will have to work to stop you falling flat on your face. Plus, you could fall in love, think of the romance.
I’d love to hear your stories on exercise, whether you still hate it or turned that loathing into love, let me know in the comments below.