It’s time to shape up the original plank challenge and give you guys something that will not only test your co-ordination, balance and core skills but get you closer to those abs you’ve been cooking! Complete all of the reps and rounds of each plank variation with a 30 second rest in-between each style.

The drop challenge, Sweaty Betty have just just released their Tomboy Tribe Winter Collection and are giving one of your the opportunity to win my outfit! All you have to do is take a photo of you completing one of the planks from this challenge, be as creative as possible, think backgrounds, animals, fancy dress, catch my eye! You can either tag me in on Instagram or link me to your image in the description bar below, just make sure you use the hashtag #WildThing.

Elbow Plank, find a mat or something comfy to lean on, next make sure that your shoulders are over your elbows and that your body is one straight line with a neutral spine. When I say neutral, I mean whatever is comfortable for you, as much as you can try to draw your belly button up into your spin and tilt your hips under. Hold for thirty seconds x 2 rounds.

Plank Jacks, Begin in a plank position with your feet together, holding your upper body strong, with engaged abs. Next jump your legs as wide as you can and then close back together, jump as quickly as you can. Repeat 30reps x 2 rounds.
Plank Donkey Kick, let’s shape up your butt with this ass kicking glute plank. Starting in an elbow plank bend you left knee, flex your heel and gently kick your foot towards the ceiling without moving your pelvis. Repeat 20reps x 2 rounds.
The challenge has begun, get your butt into the above positions, complete the workout and tag myself annd @SweatyBetty with your #WildThing snaps on Instagram, you have until the 23rd when I will be announcing the winner, so good luck! This post was kindly sponsored and in collaboration with Sweaty Betty, full terms and conditions can be found here.