For three beautiful day’s I got to spend time in Ibiza learning about all things Summer Skin with blogger babes InTheFrow, TheBeautyCrush, Em Sheldon, Hello OctoberTamara from Glam and Glitter and the incredibly talented skincare expert Teresa Tarmey.
I’ve always struggled with my skin and after just 6 minutes with #SortMySkin legend Teresa Tarmey she had already diagnosed some of the issues I was facing and opened my eyes to the possibilities and procedures around me which could change and improve it to a level I never knew possible, which was why i wanted to share a little skin based post with you all.
Pre Bronzed: As soon as I could I grilled Teresa for her top skin tips and as expected she highly recommended self tanners to boost that beach confidence without damaging your skin, knowing I was going away with Beautiful Bloggers I had already applied a little Bondi Sands to my pale skin to give me that Ibiza glow without going through the lobster sunburnt faze.
Take a Break: I used to always want to tan to the max while on holiday and rush outside as soon as the sun came out from the clouds when in the UK, however as the candles on my birthday cakes have increased I’ve become more precious about my skin and started opting for a little more time under the palm trees watching the world go by or lathering myself up with suntan creams.
Drink Up, Water has always been a big yes in my book and luckily being in a hot country always makes you crave more liquids, however I would really recommend asking for a little lime, mint or lemon to make it a little more refreshing and less bath watery while away,
Use Protection, just like your beauty products, different skin types prefer different types of SPF and  Teresa soon made me aware that my oil based SPF was only going to work against my pale, freckled skin, whereas a more nourishing cream based SPF would protect and nourish my skin to prevent ageing and damage, her recommendation was the deliciously scented Kiehls SPF 50.
Super Scrub, I’ve always been worried of making skin worse which is why I tend to avoid scrubs and facials and then find myself looking like an orange elephant once the tan has developed or feeling like a flaky mess. Teresa has a lot of love for body brushes which is something I have never previously used but after feeling first hand how silky her skin was I knew her Clarisonic Body Brush was going to be next on my wish list.
Fuel, what we put on the inside we soon wear on the outside and a break from your normal food groups can have an immediate effects on my body. I really indulged on this break, bread, paella, crips and double chocolate Oreos left me with cramps, bloats and toilet dramas. If you find this happens to you on holiday, listen to your body and keep a food diary so that you can keep track of what’s not agreeing with you.
Hands off, I’m the worst for picking and squeezing so it was no surprise that i received a little telling off mid facial, it can be the hardest thing to do but unless you can see a big bundle of yellow grossness getting ready to leap out of your face, leave it, picking and squeezing only leads to inflamed red areas, cuts, brushing and scars, if possible head to a see a specialist to give you a good clear out, lucky Teresa, once back in the UK, I’m totally giving her full permission to squeeze my face.