Let’s get one thing straight, being a Personal Trainer is nothing like training yourself, in fact if you love training yourself get prepared for it to take a backseat, this job is all about putting others first.
Eighteen months ago I made the leap from Marketing Manager to self employed Personal Trainer and it was the best decision I have ever made, since that day so many of you have tweeted, emailed or snapchatted me saying you want to take that leap too which is why I want to share with you my top tips for getting started and making your journey into fitness that little bit easier. Before we begin there is a couple of questions every person getting into this industry should ask themselves..
“What are your strengths…?”
What are your weaknesses..?”
“What do you want…?”
Training yourself in the gym, competing in a bodybuilding show, making healthy recipes or losing ten stone does not automatically qualify you as a Personal Trainer, these are all extra qualities which you can bring to your clients but you cannot use them as your qualification, which means we need to invest in a training provider. At the time of starting my course I was 26 which meant I was too old to be funded by the government and too impatient to get it funded through a gym as in some cases it can take up to two years and you may have to continue working for that gym in order to pay back the money they have invested in you.
I decided to take the faster option and invest with Lifetime to do my Level 2 which would qualify me as a gym instructor, followed by Level 3 which would finally qualify me as a Personal Trainer. The course itself took around six to eight months to complete and was an online and workbook based course with a couple of away days gym based learning and of course practicals.
Not studying for nearly 9 years, my brain couldn’t remember how to revise so if you’re doing it straight from university or college it will definitely make your life easier. I found YouTube tutorials and socialising with other qualified personal trainers during this time was extremely helpful, it took out the nerves, got me practicing and also seen in a professional gym environment. Top tip: if possible invest in a good PT, it will increase your knowledge base and you’ll quickly discover if the role is for you or not.
During your study time I would fully recommend getting into social media, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are all super important for growing your business, I have never had a poster or had to ask for clients, luckily word of mouth and my presence on social media did the work for me. Again, if you have friends or family who are happy for you to train them i would recommend doing it on a free basis to grow your confidence and get the word out about how amazing you are.

Once qualified it’s time to find a place of work, if you decide to train your clients outside you will need to pay for a music licence and a fee to be using the park but speak to your local council to find out the exact costs. If you want to work in a gym I recommend asking if they could do a startup offer, for example 247 Fitness which is the gym I work at kindly allowed me to bring in clients for £10. This was fantastic as didn’t cost me a full rent when i wasn’t earning much and meant I could still earn an income, then once I had built up a steady client base I was more than happy to pay the gym’s full rent.

The best part about being a personal trainer is the options for your own personal growth are huge and there are so many directions that you can take, use your own individually to it’s full and step out from the crowd by undertaking as many courses, events and seminars as possible. The first course i completed after becoming a PT was Pre and Post natal with Premier, it’s always beneficial to play to your market and seeing as how most of my clients will want to have a baby or have had a baby i knew this was something i needed to qualify in, which is why i’m so happy to say that Premier have given me my own 10% Discount Code to help you guys get your qualifications, just click here. I can’t wait to see more of you taking the plunge and falling in love with your careers.