If you told me that just two hours away sits a place so beautiful that it’s now in my top 5 destinations I would have never believed you, however last week I met Montenegro and am subsequently plotting my route back.
Tivat, is in the Southwest of Montenegro and has the most breathtaking surroundings, cobbled streets, castle walls and incredible restaurants with roof top terraces and water mist to keep you call while dining, with temperatures reaching nearly 40 degrees during my stay, I couldn’t believe I was only two hours from London.
I was in Montenegro to take part in a Yoga retreat with certified Health Coach and Yoga instructor Jules Sung at the newly built Lustica Bay, this place is special, no high rise flats, hotels or crazy built up areas just buildings made from natural materials with less than 6% impact on the total land. Imagine being able to build your own city, white buildings, mariners with expensive Yachts and perfectly placed fountains you can dip your toes in.
Once checked into Hotel Vardar, Laila and I hopped onto a boat for a tour of Kotor Bay and the sensational Perast Islands, a man-made island on which sailors from the Bay left treasures lost and found, it was truly breathtaking. That night we took another boat to Porto Montenegro, where we had the most incredible fish dinner at De Gustibus, with an infinity pool and the most incredible dining experience we didn’t want our meal to end. With tired eyes after travelling and site seeing we headed back to our rooms to get some beauty sleep in time for morning yoga.
After a brief taxi ride we arrived at Lustica Bay just in time to get our bend on before sampling Jules’s  detox breakfast, all meals were vegan and so different to my normal breakfast, it was a real eye opener and gave me some new recipes to try once home. After breakfast I tried my first bout of meditation, using specific sounds we made the noise echo around the room, it was the strangest of feelings and left me feeling exhausted, in a beautiful way. After some much needed swim time we headed back for a little seminar on Gut health, something I will be sharing with you all in another Blog post very soon.
Being an explorer I couldn’t resist getting my butt up the 1,350 stairs to the Castle of San Giovanni to film some workouts and get my sweat on before heading back to Lustica Bay to learn how to make my very own Pro Biotic. Once made we headed back to Kotor for the my favourite dining experience of all, our very own little roof terrace where we could watch the pink sunset set over the bay while we sipped red wine and planned our next visit back. If you are yet to add Montenegro to your Holiday list, now’s your chance, you’re welcome.