Stress. Are you walking around like a thundercloud, biting your nails, unable to switch off and more than likely the cause of a few arguments or at least a couple of tears in your household. Stress causes your cortisol levels to rise which actually makes your body resist weight loss, it comes to the conclusion that times are hard and worries that you might starve, so hoards any fat you may eat or have already eaten and moves it to your abdomen where there are more cortisol receptors, goodbye abs.
Macros. There is a natural balance that needs to be kept, yes, there are millions of diets out there but all live on the simple principle that everything needs to be in balance. In general if your carbohydrates are high then your fats need to be low and in turn, if your fats are high then your carbohydrates need to be lower, protein can be more varied, I would aim for around 30% of your daily intake.
Calories. Not only will reducing your calories affect all of the other factors in this post but once you’ve dropped them to their lowest point, where can you possibly go? Too often I have clients who are living on one thousand calories and under, leaving me no room to make adjustments or progress them as there is nothing I can change, in actual fact I need to up your calories just to get you back to a healthy start.
Sleep. When was the last time you woke up and felt energised? I bet it was also around the last time you looked down and thought your stomach looked flatter. Sleep is vital for reducing stress, restoring your body and generally making you feel like an absolute legend. Download Sleep Cycle app and see just how much sleep you’re really getting, can you hit one hundred percent?
Training. Are you really working to your maximum? Do you leave the gym red, sweaty and unable to do another rep or did you talk, text or use your workout as an excuse to catch up on Eastenders? Workouts are meant to be difficult, you’re meant to grunt, you should feel fatigued and you certainly shouldn’t feel like you could do any more once you’ve finished your session. Sometimes we’re just not aware of how hard we can really push, do yourself a favour and invest yourself in a session with a professional, it might just be the kick up the butt you needed.