Let’s get foodie, for those of you who know me, you’ll know i’m officially a food fan. However seasons come with different flavours and Summer is officially my dish so I thought i’d share a little post on the meals, recipes and restaurants I’m loving.

Smoothies, let’s face it, the NutriBullet has changed homes worldwide, no juicy bits getting stuck between your teeth, no pips at the bottom to choke on, just silky smooth almost shiny drinks that are Instagramable. However sometimes we need a shake up and smoothies shouldn’t be all fruit, protect your teeth and try to get as many of your macros in as possible, think Fats, Proteins and Carbohydrates. For healthy fats, add some Avocado into your cup, it’ll add a creamy consistancy and is perfect if you fancy a healthy ice-cream. Protein is where we all get a little lost and no one wants to add an egg into their smoothie so instead pop a spoon of Peanut Butter, Coconut Milk, Flaxseeds Chia seeds or oats into your bullet.

Strawberries, one of my favourite things to do is to visit a strawberry fair and pick my own, it’s such a fun experience and reminds me of being a child in my dads vegetable garden, pick and pop them into your mouth, then dash off to the beach for a sunny picnic.

Coffee Cooler, you may laugh but I only had my first coffee about two weeks ago, I have to admit, it was’t the hardcore stuff but I am now officially a lover of Frappe-Lattes. Lots of you ask me about pre-workouts and it was never something I never really spoke about however the heat can leave us all feeling more than a little lethargic, so if you’re lacking energy I fully recommend a splash of coffee an hour before your workout. Caffeine stimulates your nervous system, causing it to send signal to the fat cells to break down fat body fat, it also increases your fight or flight hormone which gets us body ready for intense physical exertion, studies have shown that performance can increase by 11-12%.

Halloumi heaven, officially introduced to be my Nandos, Halloumi is now a staple in our household. Personally I love it on the BBQ or grilled in the kitchen and plopped on top of a delicious salad or amongst fresh fish and corn of the cob. For those of you who’ve never tried halloumi, it’s a Cypriot semi-hard, unripened cheese made from a mixture of goat, sheep or cow’s milk and my word, it’s orgasmic!

Roots with friends, yesterday I headed out for a sunshine lunch with the gorgeous Helen Anderson in our hometown Norwich and found a gorgeous little restaurant called Roots, we sat under the sun in the cutest of courtyards and were surprisingly healthy, Helen had a salmon salad and I went for the courgette flowers with pear and walnut salad which was huge and super refreshing. Eating out can be hard when you’re trying to be healthy which is why I wanted to give you my top tip, go simple, avoid sauces, heavy carbs such as chips or sandwiches and opt for salads without dressings or meat meals such as steak or fish with a side of vegetables or salad, it means you can have that extra cocktail

One pancake or two? I regularly go to bed dreaming of breakfast and it breaks my heart when clients tell me they hate, avoid, or are bored of breakfast, it should and can be the most enjoyable meal of your day! If you’re still yet to try healthy pancakes then here’s the only recipe you need to know; one scoop protein powder, one banana and two egg whites, blend together, pop into a pan, flip both sides (breaking into a million parts, optional) and devour! You’re welcome.