I can pretty much guarantee that you look very different to the way you think you look. During my short time as a Personal Trainer i’ve realised that most of us have a distorted view of how we look, bigger, smaller, taller, uglier, prettier and it’s not just us women, it’s men too, young and old.
My reason for posting this is because for years, i’ve been guilty of exactly the same, however I didn’t know that my thinking was wrong and it lead me down difficult paths in my search to be the person I wanted to be, someone that in all honesty I can never truly be.
When I looked at myself in the mirror I saw someone who was very tall, straight up and down and overly bulky, in my head I had a manly physique. I realise now however that that is not my shape yet it has taken years of self evaluation and research to stop myself from feeling this way and to be honest i’ve only really sensed a change in the recent months. In my head I want to be smaller, let’s be honest i’d love to be a Victoria Secret model, who wouldn’t?
In truth I┬áhave a butt, it sticks out but is unbelievably comfortable to sit on, my abs protrude outwards and it annoys me that i used to spend my days trying to make them flatter, less obvious, when i should have been proud of them. I’m tall but not actually that tall, about 5ft 9 it’s just that most of my friends are 5ft 5 which makes me feel like big foot standing next to them when i should just stand tall.
I made a change, I’m working with what I have and learning to congratulate myself for having this body, whatever size or shape it is, i’m very lucky to not be missing any limbs, it’s brought me life, a beautiful career, a fantastic boyfriend and will one day hopefully bring a child into this world. I just wanted you guys to know that no one is ever truly happy with themselves, we will always want to change something but one day we’ll all look back on our pictures with a smile and think damn I looked good, we shouldn’t leave it to that day, so go and congratulate yourself for who you are.