There is NO such thing as a Beach Body, if your body is on a beach then it’s beach worthy but if you’re too self conscious to get on the beach THAT is what needs to change, size, shape, colour, skin, outfit, it means nothing, your body was made to enable you to live your life, so live it, don’t hide from it. ┬áThat being said I know that although I have my own hangups I am in the minority when it comes to baring all which is why I wanted to share some of my tips for feeling your most beach happy.
Posture is everything, it’s one of the first things I fix when it comes to my clients. Imagine you are a puppet with strings running from your shoulders and head, now imagine someone is pulling you from the sky, lift your head, elongate your neck, rest your shoulders down and roll them back to expose your chest, next roll your tummy forward to tuck in your hips, look into the mirror, hello beautiful.
Cracked heels, dry elbows and spider worthy legs, sometimes just a little exfoliation and moisturiser can change the appearance of your skin and give you that spa day sexiness, so spend some time in the shower and give your skin a little treat, it will look more plumped and even more incredible after a couple of days in the sun.
Suits you, find the right swimsuit for your shape, we’re lucky, there are so many incredible designs out there to suit every figure but remember, the outfit is nothing if you don’t feel confident, so make like Beyonce and flaunt it, you could be wearing a bin liner, wear it with confidence and you’ll have people emptying their bins to copy you.
Working out may not be for everyone but it will certainly give you the extra endorphins and confidence to feel powerful on the beach. If you’re feeling a little bloated head out for a walk post breakfast before heading out on the beach or do a couple of lengths in the pool, just the notion of exercise will give you that ‘I feel tighter’ feeling and make you walk a little taller in your swimsuit.
Thank you to Lydia Millen for taking these photos and to Classic Collection and The Skiathos Princess for letting us stay, more photos of the trip to follow, Bikini is from Triangl.