There’s nothing worse than spending your time and money in the Gym or Park only to find your just not getting closer to those all important goals, we’ve all been there and for that reason I wanted to share with you my Top 10 reasons as to why those results are playing the waiting game.

Same old, just like your hair your body gets bored of the same old thing. When was the last time you revamped your workout? Remember, you need to shock your body to get results, if you can read Womens Health while on the Treadmill you aren’t pushing hard enough, if you’re thinking of what to eat for dinner then you really aren’t putting everything into those squats. Create a new workout plan every six to eight weeks, or failing that try a different class each week.

Girl Gains, If you’re hiding from the weight zone then you’re lacking one of the biggest ways to transform your body. I one hundred percent believe that I owe my body to weights, that ‘Toned’ look that you desire won’t come from running for hours on the treadmill, even a Victoria Secret Model will tell you that, have you see Iza Goulart Instagram account? While cardio is good for heart health, lifting weights increasing bone density, strength and burns calories long after you’ve left the gym.
Repetition, just like choosing the same exercises, if you’re choosing the same intensity you’re body is just going through the motions. Ever heard the quote, ‘Sweat like a Pig to look like a Fox’ it’s true, If your heart’s not racing or your armpits pouring then you’re not in that body transformation zone, a workout should be hard, not a jolly, push it up so you don’t have to suck it in.
Foodie, it’s true, you can’t exercise out a bad diet, your body knows everything you put into it, so whether overeating, under-eating or undernourishing your body it’s going to have an effect on your goals. Most of my clients aren’t eating enough and the rest are just going for quick food, you wouldn’t treat your car this way, leaving it empty or filling it with the wrong fuel, so why do it to your body? Get your food in line with your workouts and your body will give you what you want.
Liquid Lunch, don’t waste all your hard work in the Kitchen or the Gym just sip on inches to that muffin top, that glass of wine or Hot Chocolate might seem like a good idea at the time but they’re full of empty sugars and carbohydrates that are preventing you from reaching your goals. Stick to water where possible, or if you can’t stand water infuse it with fruits. If you’re craving a hot chocolate make it at home and avoid the added cream and marshmallows, you know it makes sense.
Stress Head, cortisol is one of the biggest reasons for weight gain as well as weight loss, are you a serial stress head? When under stress your body reacts negatively, decreasing muscle tissue and changing your blood sugar balance which can increase abdominal fat.. the one thing I know you don’t want, so do yourself a favour, have a bath, try some yoga and get an early night.
Between the Sheets, just like stress if you’re not getting enough time between the sheets your cortisol levels will rise. Most of us need at least seven hours sleep to function properly and yes, sleep before midnight is proven to have you waking up feeling more refreshed than forty winks afterwards, turn off the lights off, switch off your phone and get in some quality spooning time.
Water Drought, give your digestive system a helping hand by keeping yourself topped up, not only will your skin, hair and toilet thank you for it but it will also keep your hunger pangs at bay as most of the time you’re just thirsty.
Breathe, you need a rest day. Exercising seven days a week will eventually cause your body to break, rest is just as important as activity and your body will thank you for the recovery time by feeling stronger, faster and with noticeable physical changes.
Lies, don’t believe everything you see on the news, in the supermarkets or even on blogs. Do you own research, everything has it’s own good and bad review but there are two quotes I believe in, ‘If you can’t kill it or pick it have less of it’ and ‘whenever you see the words Fat Free, Lite or Zero Calories think chemical nightmare!’Embrace, sometimes we’re our own worst critics and the last to see change, remember to take measurements and progress photos so that you can see how far you’ve come. I recently had a little shopping spree on Forever21 and thought this look was perfect for this post, I would have NEVER worn little shorts like this previously. If you’re looking for a little wardrobe revamp I highly recommend checking out their active range, the grey sports crop conveniently has a little padding which was useful to hide my frozen nipples and the faux leather shorts have the ingenious under layer which means you can squat your heart away without any fear of showing little too much skin, i’m also a big fan of this hoodie, it’s super soft and the Run, Dance, Love quote makes me feel feminine and motivated, there’s so much more to their range so feel free to check it out here and please let me know your top picks as i’m always recommending new pieces to my clients and friends.